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NORWA Washing Up Liquid



NORWA Oppvaskmiddel is a biodegradable and concentrated liquid which gives excellent cleaning and extra glance to all types of pots, pans and cutleries with lemon fragrance.

NORWA oppvaskmiddel has pH of 9-10 and contains our trade mark ingredient Greetholyte which together with other anionic surfactant cleans the food grease easily and gives extra shine to pots and cutlery.


NORWA Wshing Up liquid for machines


NORWA washing up liquid for machines, is a biodegradable and concentrated liquid which is compatible with all machines and dishcleaning. This dishcleaner has pH of 10-12.


Thanks to our trade mark ingredient Greetholyte; this dishwashing liquid dissolves grease and food residues from cutleries and pots, faster than similar dishwashing detergent.


NORWA Rinse Aid


Thanks to our trade mark ingredient Greetholyte, NORWA dishwasher rinse aid, is specially developed for quick dry and express washing of dishes and cutlery in  hotels and restaurants. It saves time and increase the efficiency of washing machine during rush hours.

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