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Changing Lives with Innovation


Greenex is a Norwegian manufacturing and product development company. We develop and manufacture, the most environmentally and ecologically preferable technologies, materials, and equipment with efficiency and reliability.
Our main business activity is to produce and sell products based on
electrochemically activated water.

We produce two basic solutions, Greenolyte, the world’s most powerful disinfectant, and Greetholyte, a nonfoaming detergent.
Greenex consists of a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who provide an efficient and reliable service to our customers.


A fast-growing company, which is promoting environment-friendly solutions. In the spring of 2020, we successfully introduced the Greenolyte brand to customers in Norway and other European countries. Which provided us with a strong platform for reinforcing the growth and development of our business. In 2023, we are introducing, the NORWA cleaning range to our customers.

Our mission is to solve future challenges, we connect people, knowledge, and unique technology and create better, greener, and safer solutions – while still running a profitable business for our customers and us.

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