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Water Drops


Water Based Cleaning and Care Products Range

NORWA is a Norwegian brand of cleaning products that are produced using electrolyzed water.

Advantages of NORWA Products

  • Water Based Products (80-95% electrolyzed water)

  • Human and environment-friendly formulation

  • Made of using high-quality Norwegian Water

  • Effective cleaning solution

  • Low consumption with regard to other similar products

  • Easily degradable



Greenex is a Norwegian technology company that promotes environmentally friendly and ecologically preferable technologies, materials, and equipment. Our goal is to connect these technologies with the right users, encouraging the use of sustainable products and services.

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NORWA Cleaning and Care Product Range

Greenex offers various cleaning and hygiene products for different sectors such as household, industrial, pet and veterinary, and auto industry. We provide a range of products that cater to the specific needs of each sector.

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