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Industries we serve

With few products, we serve multiple industries

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Our business

Greenex is a Norwegian Technology Company which is founded on the idea of promoting environmentally friendly and ecologically preferable technologies, material and equipment and connecting these technologies with the right users. Greenex consists of a dedicated and experienced, handpicked team of professionals, with background from:

  • Human health and hygiene

  • Clean Water Supply

  • Green Energy

  • Business Management

  • Safety and Security​​​


Industries we serve

Greenex provide solutions and products to companies in all sectors; both private and public companies.

For past few months, human health and public hygiene is our core business activity and therefore have started to provide services to our clients related to human health.

We wish to strengthen and combine our position as a preffered supplier with respect to these areas. We are working actively to single out the market segments where we believe our total mix of products & services are particularly well suited.

Below is a list of some important industrial sectors that receive additional focus:

  • Health and Human Hygiene

  • Education

  • Clean Drinking Water

  • Agriculture

  • Food

  • Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants

  • Municipal Economy

  • Transport

  • Fish Industry

  • Rural Economy, Farming

  • Sports Industry

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