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Sleep Mask (Very effective during long flights and for insonia patients)

The carbon material sleep mask is ideal for:

  • for a short day's rest;

  • for deep night sleep;

  • for relaxation during long trips

If your sleep is not very good, then your eyes show it first. To solve this problem, we have developed a sleep mask using carbon materials. Sleep mask allows you to get deep sleep at any time - day or night. Flexible material that completely blocks out light for a restful sleep.
Thanks to high technology, the sleep mask:

  • promotes fast falling asleep

  • relieves headache

  • relaxes facial muscles and smoothes wrinkles around the eyes 

  • supports the body's self-regulation processes

  • improves blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure

  • promotes metabolic processes in the body and increases tissue regeneration

  • relieves stress, prevents depression

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