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  • Babar Rasheed


Vietnamese researchers have created mobile disinfection chambers to serve people working in areas affected by Covid-19. The body sterilization chamber using ion salt water.

The body sterilization chamber using ion salt water has been designed and manufactured successfully by the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment in collaboration with Hanoi University of Science and Technology and is being piloted in medical examination areas.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doan Ngoc Hai - Director of VAST, the system is designed based on the principle of using an ionized saline solution (Electrolyzed Water) in the form of mist spraying the whole body to quickly disinfect the body surface. All disinfectant solutions are prepared by the VAST and ensure safety for sensitive skin areas. In terms of initial results, the Department of Laboratory and Analysis (Institute of Occupational Health and Environment) conducted a microbiological test on humans. The results showed that over 90% of bacteria, viruses on the body surface, clothes . were completely removed after going through the body disinfection chamber.

The National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology have fabricated them for disinfecting people who directly treat or work with patients with Covid-19, the pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus.

The system consists of two chambers. One sprays electrolyzed water in the form of droplets and the other directs heat and ozone onto the body of the person. Produced by electrolyzing ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride, it can even clean the respiratory system.

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