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LAMI Series Generators


Our entry level automatic unit.

The LAMI series has been designed considering the needs of those customers who prefer choosing a more affordable machine, and still want to rely on high quality, maintaining robustness and simplicity as the main features.

The LAMI series is equipped with our patented electrolytic cell incorporating components with a unique architecture that makes it revolutionary. Unlike other cylindrical coaxial cells, which today are the most common and widely distributed on the market, our cell has been optimized, conceived and developed with a special anode geometry that has allowed to integrate a double electrodes (anode-cathode) cooling system.



  • touch screen multicolor PLC

  • separate compartments for hydraulic and electrical components

  • double-cooled electrodes cell

  • integrated electrode flushing system

  • possibility of adjusting the pH (extreme stability)

  • both electrodes in Titanium Grade 2

  • connectors and hoses in PTFE/PVDF

  • automatic start and stop

  • process current stabilization

  • integrated float level switches



  • remote control, diagnosis and troubleshooting capability with Ethernet, GSM or Modbus

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