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Our Electrochemical Activation (ECA) generators produce a comprehensive line of Degradable, EASY-to-use, fast-acting healthcare-grade cleaners and disinfectants

Greenex System Generators, Leaders in Electrolyzed Water Technology and System Designs
Electrolyzed Water System Generators by Kirkmayer

Utilizing the Most Advanced Technology in the World! The Greenex Electrolyzed Water System Generators are built to meet any industry requirement. Made from the finest materials. The patented Double Cooled Cell Technology is the only one of its kind in the WORLD! Cells are built to last with no overheating or cracking of end caps through heat expansion. The Kirmayer System Generators produce at very low Chloride Salt Residuals and produce a very pure Greenolyte (Anolyte) Solution! DISTRIBUTORS SOUGHT WORLDWIDE!!! 


Our ECA technology incorporating components with a unique architecture that makes it revolutionary. Unlike other cylindrical coaxial cells, which today are the most common and widely distributed on the market, our cell has been optimized, conceived, and developed with a special anode geometry that has allowed us to integrate a double electrodes (anode-cathode) cooling system.

The development and design of new components have helped solve the typical issues of this class of devices, increase performance, and increase reliability through the following technical solutions:

  • Special anode geometry;

  • Double electrodes (anode-cathode) cooling system;

  • Anode-cathode coupled without threads;

  • Adjustable heads;

  • Self-adjusting mounting system;

  • Manual clamping with a pressure ring;


Which eliminate the typical problems of cylindrical coaxial cells, such as:

  • Breaks, crevices and cracks at junction points with the heads;

  • Initiation and diffusion of etching phenomenon on anode, with relative damage to the coating;

  • Not optimal clamping of components;

  • Excessive overheating in operation;

  • Production of limited electro-activated solutions due to excessive heat development;


In particular, it should be noted that:

  • The increase in production of electro-activated solutions requires an increase of current, the cell power current intensity, with a consequent increase of heat produced. Thanks to the integrated double electrodes cooling system (the world’s first and only for this cell class) and the geometry of the components, an efficient and optimal heat recovery is guaranteed, with increased performance in terms of flow per single cell in absolute safety and reliability;

  • The ECA production takes place with lower amounts of salt in the saturated aqueous solution and therefore with less electrolyte, resulting in lower energy consumption and Chlorides residual;

  • The residual Chlorides concentrations in ECA produced are negligible, with a reduction in environmental hazards due to the lack of xenobiont formation;


Our patent-pending REACTRINA® technology mirrors the human immune system and generates HClO under specific electrochemical conditions using a combination of water, salt, and electricity to fight viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

REACTRINA® revolutionizes the coaxial electrochemical cell concept in these ways:

  • it is a high-efficiency electrical cell: low voltage and low salt consumption (1.6 -2.5 g/L)

  • our cylindrical cell is the only product on the market with a double cooling electrode system: anode and cathode electrode cooled

  • it is a high-efficiency chemical cell: slow flow without overheating

  • allows the production of ultrapure Hypochlorous Acid, ensuring probably the lowest Chlorides residual in the market.

Greenex offers the following three models of ECA generators

  1.  BMI Series ECA Generators

  2.  LAMI Series ECA Generators

  3.  AMI Series ECA Generators

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